Monday, August 3, 2009


We hope to have our prototype 2 element and 4 element lenses ready by the beginning of September. The final housing design may differ from the prototype and will be tested and gone through by our engineering/design team.

We are working right now with our optics fabrication company on the production of our custom made, professionally Zemax designed ground glass prisms. The prisms are currently in production and we are awaiting samples which will be tested here in Orange County, CA. We want to ensure we get the highest quality glass once in full production mode. We have never rushed anything to market and are confident that the final product will be well worth the wait for those considering a Constant Image Height home theater upgrade. For those of you who have the need for throw ratio compatibility below 2.0, we have the answer for you with our large prism design. We will report throw ratio compatibility as that information becomes available. We anticipate these lenses to improve on the 1.7 throw ratio of the HTB-AR lens.

The newest lens design features four large glass elements which have been treated with high quality Anti-Reflective coatings as well as machine ground edges which have been edge blackened for minimal light loss. In addition, the interior of the lens housing will also be treated with other light absorbing materials to further reduce internal reflections which can lead to loss of contrast in the projected image. We also have a Universal Astigmatism Corrector element in production as well. This cylindrical element should be able to improve any anamorphic optics within the typical home theater throw distance range. This element will be able to be attached to the popular HTB-AR lens, as well as others without correction for astigmatism. Pricing has not yet been determined for any of the lenses or lens accessories.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to our newest lens release later this year.