Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Do you want a sharper picture? Read on.

You asked for it so here it is!  We have just received our order of universal astigmatism correction elements which we were able to source for those who want to further enhance the performance of their DIY or other anamorphic lens with this great accessory.   This element will correct astigmatism (the projector's inability to focus sharply in both planes across the entire screen when using an add-on lens) which is common with short throws like those found in a typical home theater environment.  This is a great upgrade for those wanting to maximize the performance of their 2 element lens and will make a very noticeable difference in image quality.  As this is a DIY/universal type upgrade we have included instructions and materials for making a basic custom frame to hold the element  in place.  You decide how you want to mount the element and make your frame, follow the quick guide to orient the element for your particular lens and sit back and enjoy! Pictures to follow.  (Everyone can thank fellow AVSForum member Kevin for his great DIY guide!)  Pricing for this universal astigmatism corrector is $295 plus applicable s/h.

Here's what customers have to say about the universal astigmatism correction element:

" Wow! It works!  TWO THUMBS UP!"

"The astigmatism element had a very significant and NOTICEABLE improvement in focus/clarity."

"I love the universal correction element..." 

Universal astigmatism correction element:  $295 + s/h

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