Tuesday, February 2, 2010

AR2 Lenses Now Shipping!

Bigger. Brighter. Better.

The Anamorphic Research AR2 Lens will allow you to get the most out of today's High Definition 2.35:1 aspect ratio movies. Our lens will give you the biggest picture, higher brightness, highest pixel density, and no more annoying black bars to worry about. With its custom crafted optics, advanced coatings and computer designed housing, this lens is ready to showcase all your favorite high definition cinemascope movies in your own home theater the way the director intended. When you use the AR2 lens with a 2.35 to 2.40 projection screen you will no longer be wasting your projector’s valuable pixels on black bars, but instead this majestic format will transform your home cinema experience and take it to another level.  Not only will you be maximizing your projector’s performance, but now all your favorite 2.35:1 aspect ratio movies will be the largest format in your theater.  When almost three quarters of all movies are now shown in the ultra-wide cinemascope aspect ratio format, there’s more reason than ever to upgrade your home theater with an AR2 lens. We’ve done our part to make your dream theater more affordable than ever before. The time for 2.35:1 is here.

  • Low-dispersion ground glass anti-reflective coated optics
  • CAD designed powder coated metal housing
  • Throw ratio compatibility:  1.4 +
  • 1.33x horizontal expansion factor for Constant Image Height
  • Compatible with 2.35:1 up to 2.40:1 aspect ratio screens
  • Weight:  6lb (2.7kg)
  • Size:  6”L x 6”W x 5”H (15.24cm x 15.24cm x 12.7cm)
  • Online direct pricing:  $995 plus s/h

We are extremely happy with how these new lenses have turned out and want to share a few pictures.

Buy the AR2 Anamorphic Lens: $995 + s/h

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